Saturday, November 27, 2010

Waverly's Lincoln Street School Project at SRAC

Waverly's 4th grade at Lincoln Street School has just finished their curriculum on local Native American history that included a field trip to the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) at 345 Broad Street in downtown Waverly, NY earlier this year. As a part of their final testing on the topic, each student was asked to do a project which are now on display at SRAC for the next month. The public is invited to cast votes for their favorite projects - and the top three from both classrooms will be on display at SRAC for the next year. Votes are cast with pennies and all proceeds from the event benefit Lincoln Street's 4th grade class. Voting is already underway and will continue until the ceremony to announce winners occurs during the school's Christmas vacation.

SRAC's executive director Deb Twigg stated, "This is the second year running for this contest and I can tell by the quality of each project that the students really want to be winners who will have their projects on display in SRAC for the next year. It also shows what great teachers they have in Robin Blauvelt and Cathy Hand because these projects show great detail in the illustrating what they have learned about the Native Americans who lived right here hundreds of years ago."

Picture caption - Lincoln Street 4th Graders ShayLynne Robbins and Haley Mack teamed up to create their Native American village scene for their entry into the contest at SRAC.

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