Sunday, September 26, 2010

SRAC's 2010 Giving Campaign

“A community with a Center like SRAC is provided with a window to the past that gives individuals a sense of where they came from...and what they all share.”

The SRAC 2010 Giving Campaign
The fact is that there is no other museum like SRAC within hundreds of miles of our community. SRAC's Andrew A. Burns Exhibit Hall is packed with thousands of local Native American and early historic artifacts and manned by educated and friendly volunteers. This ensures that SRAC gives every visitor an experience filled with interaction, excitement and a sense of belonging. Our gift shop has local artwork, historical books, children’s educational toys, rocks and minerals, pottery, etc, and stands by itself as a viable storefront in downtown Waverly. Our lecture hall seats 80+ individuals, suits every audio/visual need for any occasion, can be rented by local individuals or businesses and hosts several affordable yet entertaining and educational programs throughout the year. Most importantly, whether you are a local visitor or a traveler who has stopped in off the highway, you will find that you are a welcome guest at SRAC the minute that you enter our door.

As you can see, even though we are manned 100% by volunteers, we are working hard for our community. We have plans to begin renovating our lower floor to extend our museum space and our upper floor for research/material space, to include a research library. But as you know, this all takes funding – and that is why we are reaching out to you for support of our efforts and our future stability.

We see your dollar donated to SRAC as an investment in our community. As you learn more about SRAC, we trust that you will too.

If you have already supported us during the 2010 Giving Campaign - Thank You!

If you have not, you can donate online at or you can download our 2010 Giving Campaign form here.

Thank you for sharing the form and/or this post with others!

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