Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early Frontier Jacket Donated to SRAC

The Wayne, NY Historical Society recently donated a rawhide jacket to SRAC that is reportedly over 150 years old and made by a member of the Cree Indian tribe. The Cree Indians live in southern Canada and in some parts of the United States; North Dakota and Montana. The jacket, which is now on display at SRAC was a part of the Edward Wixon collection in Wayne, NY and will continue with that name at SRAC.

We want to thank the Wayne Historical Society for thinking of SRAC when they were looking for a new home for this impressive artifact,it is the first piece of clothing that we have add ed to our exhibit and I am sure it will be a popular piece with our visitors.

SRAC is located at 345 Broad Street Waverly, NY and is open from 1-5pm Mondays through Fridays and Saturdays from 11am – 4pm. To learn more about SRAC, visit

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