Friday, May 7, 2010

4th Grade Field Trip

One of the most fun things that we do at SRAC for me is host field trips for the local 4th grades.

Today marked our 5th field trip for Sayre's H. Austin Snyder 4th grade - and I have to say that things just get better every time, and I can't help but be so very proud of the childhood memories we made for 60 great kids today.

The students were broken up into their three classes and rotated through three stations, #1 Ted Keir - "All About the Woolly Mammoth", #2 Dick Cowles - "Early European Trade", #3 - Jack Andrus - "Native American Children Stories." The students all then took the SRAC Exhibit Hall quiz and won prizes. I also wanted to give special thanks to McDonald's for giving each student a gift certificate for the event!

Most importantly thank you to everyone who made this event as special as it was - along with Ted, Dick and Jack, SRAC's Peggy Burkhart, Susan Fogel, and Tom Vallilee and let's not forget three awesome 4th grade teachers, Robin Munn, Greg Dehahn, and Barb Anderson!

The following are photos from today's field trip:

Here is just a little taste of what a great educational experience they experienced !

Thank YOU also for all of your support for SRAC that allows us to do what we do!

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