Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Copy of the "Griffin Report"

If you missed last night's presentation at SRAC about the Griffin Report, otherwise known as the Expedition of the Tioga Point Museum, 1931 - which was an unpublished report done by James Griffin on the Abhe-Brennan site BR42, Murray Farm BR5, Thurston Farm BR5, and the top of Spanish Hill BR27, all around Athens, PA, then you missed alot of interesting discussions about the archaeology that was found and the people who found it.

But don't fret - you can still experience the whole presentation that I used right here:

Watch It: (It is cut into 7 chapters that will run one after another or you can use the arrows back or forward on the sides of the video window...sorry but the last ten - minutes got cut off)

And here is a printable version to follow along or print out!

Feel free to use this information but please reference it provided by Deb Twigg/SRAC.

Do you want the actual Griffin Report?

Just call the Tioga Point Museum and they will get a copy to you!

Feel free to send me questions or comments at

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