Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Please Don't Forget SRAC on Your Christmas List!

The year 2009 is coming to a close, and it is time for all of us to finish up our Christmas lists for the year...2010 will be the 5th year for SRAC as a non-profit and we hope that we have gained your confidence and support as a community nonprofit. With that we also hope that you realize that SRAC is a totally private funded organization, and we do not take federal or state funding...We only take funding from philanthropic foundations and good hearted people such as you that take the time to donate what they can so that we can do what we do for our community. We are also manned totally by volunteers and if you have stopped in this year during anyone of our great events, the majority of our presentors have donated their time as well.

How can you support SRAC?

Volunteerism - we need volunteers for 2 hour shifts in the gift shop, and Tom is always in need of help with renovating the Center.

Donations -
Mail donations to:
Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC)
P.O Box 12, Sayre PA 18840

or just click here:

Other ways to Support SRAC:

Sponsor an SRAC Case
- The SRAC Case Sponsor status highlights SRAC's policy of providing community service. Membership in the SRAC Sponsor a Case Program is presented to those contributing $100. The donor will receive a certificate of "SRAC Sponsor" and their status will be recognized in SRAC's annual report. SRAC will work with the donor to create a plaque to be placed on the case of choice within the SRAC Exhibit Hall.

Sponsor the SRAC JOURNAL:

SRAC - A Qualified Non-Profit Organization. Make sure to donate before the end of the year to claim your tax deduction for 2009 and thank you for remembering SRAC
on your Christmas list this year!

To learn more visit

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