Friday, September 4, 2009

The Englebert Site - By April Beisaw 2007

This is a followup from my first post about the Englebert site. (make sure to read the comments !)

The following video of April Beinsaw, PhD who did her dissertation at SUNY Binghamton concerning the Englebert Site available from SRAC's Online Videos. Her presentation, "The Englebert Site - Susquehannock or Iroquois" was given in May 2007 at the Joint SRAC /Andaste Chapter of Pennsylvania Archaeology meeting in Burlington, PA:

Click the image below to watch the video now.

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  1. This is extremely interesting. Not only has she completed pioneering research, she explains her results in a straightforward style and holds the interest of her audience. Engelbert clearly has a great story to tell about Pennsylvania as well as New York archaeology!