Sunday, June 28, 2009

In the News: SRAC Represented at NYS Museum Event

The Native American Institute of the Hudson River Valley recently hosted their annual film screening and Roundtable Talk event at the New York State Museum in Albany , NY. The new film by director Ted Timreck was from the Smithsonian Institute’s Hidden Landscapes series, "Before the Lake was Champlain". The film which was created not only for public education but as a part of the Smithsonian Institute’s Human Studies Archive is a video documentation of the ongoing exploration and research concerning the early Native American civilizations in the Northeast.

SRAC’s Executive Director, Deb Twigg was invited to be a part of the panel of 6 commentators of the new film. “It was an honor to be a part of the NAI event this year. I attended one of their events a few years ago when they screened another film by Ted Timreck, “The Red Paint People” and I was happy to be a part of an event that would be screening another one of his works for the Smithsonian Institute.”

Twigg went on to say that Timreck is hoping to make the next episode of his ongoing work to include the research that she has done on our region. This would include her work on the early French explorer Samuel Champlain’s chronicles surrounding the Nation of Carantouan and its relationship to Spanish Hill in South Waverly, PA. The article was published in the “Pennsylvania Archaeologist” Journal in 2005.

“Because SRAC has only had their building for about a year and a half, many locals still aren’t aware that the Center exists, and we are working hard on public awareness because of it. But as for the Native American and the research community, we are pretty well known already. “

To learn ore about the Smithsonian Institute's Hidden Landscapes initiative visit:

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