Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tuesday - May 5th! - MYSTERY ROCKS!

Bob McGuire

The next installment of SRAC's History's Mysteries will be “Mystery Rocks” by “UV-BOB” McGuire, President of the CheHanna Rock and Mineral Club, on Tuesday, May 5th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. The presentation will take place at SRAC, located at 345 Broad St. Waverly, NY.

At the age of eight, in a schoolroom with three classes, Bob McGuire was presented with the opportunity to see a page with pictures of rocks and minerals in an old dictionary. As unbelievable as it would seem, this started his interest in them. At age ten, he started collecting (1953) and the second mineral given to him was one of nature's finest mysteries, a fluorescent one. The rest is history.

Bob McGuire is now the President of the CheHanna Rock and Mineral club and his fluorescent rocks and minerals show is actually viewed by many as magic. Amazingly, nature is the only magician he will need as he shows the audience these unusual creations of Mother Nature. Bob explains, "Some really unattractive rocks will transform into a rainbow of lovely colors simply by turning off the lights and exposing them to Ultra Violet illumination." The attendance will also view some of the uses of this phenomena in today's world.

The same shelf as above under UV light

McGuire will also share a slide show of the now closed zinc mines in Franklin New Jersey and show photos from one of the last digs that took place there.

Sure to be an exciting and educational experience for all ages! Admission- Adults $4, Students and SRAC members & Students $3. KIDS UNDER !@ FREE!

Doors open at 6pm and admission to the exhibit hall filled with thousands of local Native American artifacts is included in the admission price.

For more information, call 607-727-3111, or email or stop in the Center at 345 Broad St. Waverly, NY. SRAC's gift shop and exhibit hall are open from 1 - 5pm Tuesdays through Fridays and 11-4pm Saturdays.

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