Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Written Record of a Cataclysmic Event?

Many of us have been patiently awaiting more information from the initial reports of the nano diamonds that have been claimed to be the result of a cataclysmic event 12,900 years ago.

Reuters reported:
"Minuscule diamond fragments found in a sediment layer dating from thousands of years ago are bolstering the theory that a catastrophic comet impact wiped out many forms of life in North America, including what are thought to have been the first human settlers of the continent, the so-called Clovis people. The nano-diamonds are buried at a level that corresponds to the beginning 12,900 years ago of the Younger Dryas, a 1,300-year-long cold spell during which North American mammoths, saber-toothed cats, camels and giant sloths became extinct. The Clovis culture of American Indians also appears to have fallen apart during this time." [Reuters] To read my full report click here.

We also know that other events have ravaged the northeast throughout time and that more reports are out there about some of them. The point that I am trying to make is that one has to wonder what effect these events would have had on the survivors or those that may have traveled into the areas where evidence of the event(s) may have occurred. When it comes to the prehistory the Northeast, I for one have always assumed that there was no written record/evidence of any cataclysmic events and that there was only oral histories to reference.

Let me state this very clearly right now that I am not a scientist.

Many of you have seen the following amulet that was found below Spanish Hill, in South Waverly, PA. I have studied this site for several years and was published in the PA Archaeologist concerning it in 2005. It is my opinion that the hill is a ceremonial space not unlike Fort Ancient in Ohio, complete with a large area (ten acres) enclosed with embankments with inner ditches which have been used to define a ceremonial space versus a defensive one....

But let's get back to the amulet that is made of blue slate:(see more images here)

This is the one side:

I wonder if this image can allow you to see the left side area that shows one tall structure standing straight up and the other to the right toppling over. I have looked at this hundreds of times and wondered what it meant...and if the other engravings on this amulet are part of this story as well...

To me, one cannot help but wonder why the one is clearly toppling over...

And so as I was looking over "Stone Ornaments" by Moorehead, and I found another incised piece found in New Jersey on page 62 shown below, I decided to write this post today: (click here to download)Clearly, this amulet from the Tooker Collection also shows one tall structure standing straight up and another next to it toppling over...

This makes me ask if there is possibly a Native American legend or myth that this would be relative to and/or if it relates to a cataclysmic event that occurred or was believed to have occurred sometime in our past.

Remember, SRAC's amulet was found in South Waverly, PA (border of PA and NY) and the Stone Ornaments piece was found in New Jersey, making me believe that we may find more in this region if we were on the lookout for them...Personally, I have to wonder how many of these designs can be found in the Northeast and if they indeed are referring to a cataclysmic event that was either witnessed or believed to have happened at some time in our past or was warning of a future event.

Chances are that we will never know all of the answers, but I thought it worthy enough to share this information with those that might have an interest in sending me more information which I will post here - allowing all of us who are in search of answers to learn more.

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  1. Regarding the tumbling Towers on the stone slates.

    There is so much information that is not being used for science and historical purposes. Why?

    We are missing pieces of the puzzle which will never get together. Maybe information like this on the web will help with the sharing.

    "One has to wonder how many of these artifacts sit in collections, framed on people's walls, in drawers, and in boxes, gathering dust.

    One has to respect things buried with the dead. Would anyone dig in a cemetery to retrieve fragments of bibles and jewelry? Not unless you wanted to desecrate the dead and violate all kinds of laws. (see NAGPRA)"

    Ted Sojka Native Earthworks Preservation