Friday, February 13, 2009

SRAC Headlines for NYSAA Publication

Since founding SRAC in 2005 we have had many hurdles and milestones along the way, and we have clearly shown a passion in following our mission throughout. What this passion allows us to do is to see each success along our journey and to be able to celebrate each one with our ever growing membership and list of supporters.

Today is yet another one of those celebrations as SRAC has been represented as the lead article for the NYSAA (New York State Archaeology Association) quarterly newsletter. The NYSAA is a non-profit organization composed of people interested in various phases of archaeology in New York State. Founded in 1916 and chartered in 1927 by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, NYSAA is a nonprofit organization composed of 15 chapters and a world-wide membership-at-large.

We consider this an honor to be represented by the NYSAA and hope that our readers feel the same pride that we do in sharing this latest news.

I want to thank William E. Engelbrecht, N.Y.S.A.A. President, for inviting me to write the article to introduce SRAC to his organization. Although many of us are members of the NYSAA, I am sure there were many NYSAA readers that for one reason or another have not learned of us yet. What a wonderful opportunity we were given to do so.

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