Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures from Our 5th Annual "Drumbeats Through Time"

On October 25th 2008, we held our 5th annual event at SRAC that we call "DrumBeats Through Time." Over the years we have done many things, but this particular year was special in that we were able to hold it in our very own building at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY, which we purchased in December 2007.

To date we have a huge gift shop, lecture hall, and during our DrumBeats event this year, we unveiled our Exhibit Hall filled with thousands of artifacts that will rotate constantly as well as a huge mural funded by the DEC Art of the Southern Fibger Lakes grant.

The event began with our membership meeting, and a presentation by Dr. Dee Wymer of Bloomsburg University called "Flowers for the Dead"followed the luncheon. Then we had authentic Native American dance and songs presented by the "Buffalo Creek Dancers" who were from the Seneca Nation of New York. Lastly, we unveiled our wonderful mural after a dedication was made by Dick Cowles.

Below you will find a huge gallery of images from the event. If you had the chance to attend, I hope that it brings you the fond memories that it brings me as I am adding them here today.

Thank you to all the folks that sent photos to make this possible!

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