Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recap - John Orlandini's Presentation 7/21

Well if if you missed it - you missed a great night of archaeology, history, chit-chats and friendships! We had over 50 people and lots of archaeology to look at before and after the presentation.

Special thanks to Dick Jackson of the Tri-Cities Chapter of NY Archaeology for bringing his trade pipe collection and some other artifacts which was the largest collection I have EVER seen!

Also - Last night was the first night for us to show off our latest collection donated to us -- more on that to come!

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SRAC's Chairman of the Board, Ted Keir did the introduction for the night.

This presentation by John Orlandini, past president of the Luzerne County Historical Society, is directly related to his 1996 book, “The Ancient Native Americans of the Wyoming Valley: 10,000 year of prehistory.” The five years it took to accumulate the information for the book left him with an over-all knowledge of the early Native Americans who lived, hunted, and traded in the Wyoming Valley.

Many slides of uniques artifacts were shown and many questions followed the presentation.

An unbelievable number of Native Americans lived there in prehistoric times during the Woodland Period according to archaeological evidence found throughout the Valley. When the Europeans arrived and started moving west from the East Coast, many of the early woodland dwellers were forced from their homelands. The Iroquois granted their brethran; the Nanticokes, Shawnee, and Delaware permission to settle in the Wyoming Valley with the agreement that they would protect the Valley in the name of the Iroquois.

Contact trade goods have been found at these sites during topsoil removal. Similarities and differences of the early and later cultures were discussed.

John’s newly released book is entitled, “Indians, Settlers, and Forgotten Places in the Endless Mountains.” It covers Bradford, Sullivan, Wyoming, and Susquehanna Counties, with discussions on the Wyalusing Path, stone tools used in everyday activities, flintknapping, Indian graves and petroglyphs, medals presented to the Indians by the English, In search of the Goose, the French Azilum, Friedenshutten, and twenty other interesting topics relating to the Endless Mountains.

The book will is available at SRAC's Gift Shop (which is open from 1-5 Tuesdays through Fridays and Saturdays from 11-3pm for $17.95.) The book is signed by the author.

Thanks again to John for making the trip "up north" and supporting SRAC!

The next presentation will be "History's Mysteries" on August 5th. This presentation will be by Tri Cities Chapter of NY Archaeology Don Straub and he will tell us about "ARCHAIC" mounds and earthworks such as one of my favorites, Poverty Point. Please mark your calendar for this one folks....it is a really interesting topic for those of you who have not heard about sites like this!

- - Hey- we don't call it "History's Mysteries" for nothing!

Hope to see you there!

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