Saturday, March 29, 2008

SRAC at the Chehanna Gem & Mineral Show

Zachary Levey of Horseheads, NY points at fossilized "Dino Tracks"

If any of you have not attended the Chehanna Rock and Mineral Show held annually in Athens, PA, you are really missing a truly incredible event for the Valley. Hundreds of people come from hours away to this event every year. We at SRAC are proud to be a part of it!

Ted Keir and I are both Chehanna Rock Club members!

While SRAC displays alot of artifacts at the show, it seems to be a tradition that many people bring artifacts or unknown objects for Ted to identify for them:

Once you finally find a parking place and come in the front door, you'll find incredible gems and minerals from many collections, but you will also learn about how gems are faceted and polished:

And if you like - you can even facet a gem for yourself!

While there is alot for the kids to do, their favorite seems to be the "Mini Mine" where they pay their fifty cents and the train car loads up a load in the mine...

Then "whoo whoo!" up it comes out of the mine:

And when it reaches the end of the tack - it empties out its "load" of minerals, gems and shells for the kids to take home!
There is also alot for the adults to include a couple thousand square feet of gem and mineral vendors out back!

Sorry you missed out? You don't have to be! The Gem and Mineral Show is open again tomorrow from 10-5pm!

The show is located at the Athens Township Fire Hall, Bressler Street, Athens, PA.

Hope to see you there!

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