Sunday, February 3, 2008

What You Are Missing!

Every week our workshops are more and more successful, and I wanted to share all the fun we had and all of the things that we accomplished at our Feb 2nd workshop!

Mike and Jeri Sanders, our professional painters that Dr. Barry Skiest is paying the cost for, are now working on the details of the visitor center/gift shop area.

Meanwhile, Marty Borko, Anne Meikle, Susan Fogel, and I worked to get the first coat of paint on the new walls we made along our east wall:

Meanwhile Ted Keir was cleaning up an old magazine rack we found in the basement:

Anne Meikle later primed it all to get it ready to paint next weekend!

At the back of the building, Dick Cowles and Jack Andrus worked on the old conveyor belt that we want to get ready to send to auction in our next shipment for Bostwick's Auction. Please remember to look through your garage and attics when you get a chance and let us know if you have anything to donate to us for auction to raise cash!

And Tom Valillee worked out in the back room area where we are trying to figure out if we can save the ceiling or not:

Also - Jack Rowe and Angelo Mazzarene spent the day removing metal stuff from the cellar that can go to the scrap yard.

Other stuff:
In the afternoon - Sharon Franklin and Brian Denlinger came to have a meeting concerning another fundraiser we are planning, Jessica Quinn and Susan Fogel met with Gloria Reigal to discuss plans for items, pricing etc in the gift shop, and artist sculptor Dave Ackerman came in to discuss adding his artwork to our gift shop, making molds for some of our artifacts, and even possibly painting a mural for us....

At the end of the day - we have all of the remaining walls on the west side primed and ready to paint:

And our East (new) walls have their first coat of paint: The pink insulation comes down once it gets warmer to reveal beautiful lead glass windows!)

We have also had Naasco Flooring in to measure and see if they have anything they can do to get our gift shop area covered for us, so cross your fingers on that one!

But that doesn't mean we didn't spend alot of time sharing ideas and thoughts and excitement about what we are creating to fulfill our mission as well as to enhance our community!

If you are not a part of all of this -- you are really missing out on a really exciting part chapter of our local history we are creating right now at 345 Broad Street, Waverly - Stop in to see what all the excitement is all about any Saturday from 10 am to 2pm - or consider supporting us by joining or donating to SRAC today!

Our next workshop will be this Saturday coming up February 9th at 345 Broad Street in Waverly, NY from 10am to 2pm.

YES! We Plan to Open Our Doors in March!
Yes - we will open our doors in March and have some events as well as have our gift shop visitor center open!

If you are an artist that makes natural/cultural items or artwork please contact me so that we can discuss how to get your items in our gift shop! Your art does not have to be Native Indian to be in our gift shops or events!

We will also be having our first of many fairs where vendors and artists can display and sell their work for a day sometime in march, we are working on that date right now - - again just contact me to be a part!

Stay tuned for SRAC events being announced for March soon!

Our Official Grand Opening however will be later in the summer so that we can facilitate having dancers, etc outside as well as inside!

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  1. You go gals n' guys!! Hey folks - I'm really proud of what you have achieved...Deb - yow'sa!!! It is really rare to have a grassroots organization become so successful so quickly and to keep the pace going...
    Nice work!!