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Christmas Shopping at SRAC!

Many of you have asked what you can do to help support SRAC, but have not yet seen the extensive list if items SRAC has on sale that would be great ideas for Christmas gifts!

Here is a way to support SRAC and get some great books at great prices (tax included in all sales amounts!) at the same time!

Like -

The Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania (Huge Paperback)

by C. Hale Sipe -
A factual account of the Indian history of the America’s Eastern
Frontier and the contributions made by many
outstanding chiefs in shaping our
history. Originally published in 1927, this 569 page book is one of the classics
on Eastern Frontier Indian history. From the formation of the Iroquois
confederation in 1570 through Cornplanter’s death in 1836, Sipe discusses the
tribes that inhabited Pennsylvania and how their forced migration westward

(particularly the Delaware and Shawnee) across the Allegheny mountains of
Pennsylvania into the Ohio country lit the fires that would keep the western

frontier ablaze for the next forty years.

-$30.00 buy it now!

Like the image? we also have the poster of this - buy it now!

We also have -

Spanish Hill and Carantouan:The History, the People and the Politics - by Deb Twigg

"The book is a newer account of the Carantouan research that tells the historical story with with more references and maps, documents and images and then tells all of the stories that people have asked me to tell when I do presentations, to include those efforts to preserve the hill, packed full of actual letters and documents that I think the reader will find VERY interesting...from Ellsworth Cowles, Barry Kent, Warren K. Moorehead, General John S Clark, Ted Keir, LD Shoemaker, the Murrays, there are so many interesting stories to tell just about these people and how they effected our local history...and the hill.... and then I continue with my research into the Mound Builder culture and what I have concluded from it as it relates to the hill and the story of Carantouan...and what I have come to believe Spanish Hill actually was used for."

100 pages - $20.00 - buy it now!

Diplomacy and Indian Gifts:

The French-English Rivalry for Indian Loyalties during the French & Indian War Years by Wilbur R. Jacobs -

It seems only once in a lifetime that a book comes along that really unlocks many of the mysteries of a subject you have been studying for as long as you can remember. Diplomacy and Indian Gifts is just such a book! From the beginning, I was always intrigued by the old Indian custom of giving and receiving gifts and how this practice was used both for and against them! During the course of the French and Indian War years, thousands of pounds sterling was expended by both the French and the British in their diplomatic competition to buy Indian friendship and loyalty through gift giving. Indian gifts and their givers indeed made diplomatic history. Exceptional Reference Book: 208pp

Limited Edition Hardback for just -$30.00 buy it now!

The Lenape and Their Legends by Daniel G. Brinton -

The Walum Olum, is considered a classical piece of study. This very scarce and hard to find book was published in 1885, and because of its historical significance, is now republished for the serious students of Eastern Frontier Indian history. It begins by discussing the history of the other Algonkin and Iroquois tribes of the East, then gets into the meat of the book with major chapters on Lenape history, their literature and language, myths and traditions, and the Walum Olum, the ancient migration story of the Delaware; Brinton’s most valuable contribution to our understanding of Lenape history. The Walum Olum portion of the book consists of over 70 pages of the pictographic story in bright red on one side of the page with the detailed translation on the right. He finishes with a 20 page vocabulary of Delaware to English word translations and copious notesComplete Text & Symbols of The Walum Olum Dark Brown Hardback w/Gold Embossing.1,000 copies…Limited Edition, Numbered Hardcover: 261pp

-$40.00 buy it now!

And who cannot find someone on their list that would not be happy to take the trip with John Heckewelder?

Thirty Thousand Miles with John Heckewelder,

by Ed. Paul A. Wallace-

This collection of Heckewelder materials, gathered by one of America’s great writer/historians, Paul Wallace, follows America’s most observant early traveler, John Heckewelder through the Eastern woods as he recorded the most significant knowledge we have today on the Indian life and pioneer history of our Eastern frontier. He writes: “The sure way to obtain ideas, and a true knowledge of the characters, customs, manners, etc., of the Indians, and to learn their history, is to dwell among them for some time, and having acquired their language, the information wished for will be obtained in the common way; that is, by paying attention to their discourses with each other on different subjects, and occasionally asking them questions; always watching for the proper opportunity, when they do not suspect your motives, and are disposed to

be free and open with you." Limited Edition, Numbered Hardcover: 512pp


- $50.00 buy it now!

Historical Map of Pennsylvania: with a History of Indian Treaties and Land Titles - Edited by P.W. Sheafer & R.R. Wenning 1000 Limited Edition, Gold Embossed Hardback and Full color Map, The “purchasing” of Indian land was done through a series of land treaties and eventually resulted in one of the bloodiest periods in Pennsylvania history. This “owning” of PA was a complicated, confusing and time-consuming process in PA history that usually took years to complete. You cannot understand Pennsylvania history completely without understanding this bloody progression from Indian land to settler’s land and its effect on Indian-white relations. As we put together this interesting and colorful history on the “taking or purchasing” of Pennsylvania land from the Indians, we have attempted to shed some light on this process through the pre-revolutionary war history of PA.

$45.00 - buy it now!

Want Just Poster Sized Map ? Just $20.00! - buy it now!

Another incredible deal we have for researchers interested in trade goods is -

Trade Ornament Usage Among the Native Peoples

of Canada , a Source Book - Karlis Karklins -
The borders of Canada did not exist when trade goods were being used. This book is a must read source book for anyone trying to understand the ornamental trade goods used.

An incredible deal at $20.00 - buy it now!

More interested in the events of the Revolutionary War? How about -

Forts on the Pennsylvania Frontier 1753-1758 by William A.
Hunter - Limited Edition Hardcover: Seldom does a book come along with the appeal and interest a Forts of the Pennsylvania Frontier 1753-1758. With Pennsylvania’s Provincial Quaker controlled pacifist government slow to react to the mounting tension from Indian attacks and the on going French and Indian War on its wilderness borders, pressure was growing from frontier settler’s for protection on Pennsylvania’s western borders. Unwillingly, Pennsylvania began an extensive program of military action culminating in the building of forts on its frontier. By 1756 more than a dozen forts garrisoned by paid PA troops marked for the first time a boundary between white frontier settlements and a hostile wilderness. 596 pages with 12 blank pages in the back of the book for notes. Navy blue hardcover with gold embossing on front and spine. Edition limited to 2,000 copies

-$50.00 - buy it now

Or -

The Sullivan Campaign by Ellsworth Cowles - Ellsworth Cowles wrote articles for the local newspapers to celebrate the Sullivan Campaign centennial. He did this by writing articles filled historical documentation in sync with the dates throughout 1779. There is one article exactly one year from the others in 1978, which gives you little known info about how Sullivan might not have ever marched at all. This is 72 pages including references

- $20.00 buy it now!

And -

Revolutionary Rangers - Daniel Morgan's Riflemen and their Role on the Northern Frontier 1778-83 by Richard Crosse w/ introduction by Harry Swan, 221pp paperback. Here is the complete account of the riflemen and their weapons, as well as the formation and battle record of this elite regiment in upstate New York during Sullivan's Campaign. Of special interest is an analysis of the life of the legendary Timothy Murphy. Strengthen your understanding of the colonial struggle for independence. Illustrated with photos, drawings, endnotes and a full-name index.

221pp paperback. $20.00 - buy it now!

Last but not least we also have -

Journals of the Military Expedition of Maj. General John Sullivan - Sullivan Expedition against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779 -Frederick Cook, 582pp paperback, In August 1779, Sullivan began a scorched earth policy against the troublesome Iroquois, who had sided with the British, burning every village in his path from Tioga(PA) into central New York. This collection of 26 officers' journals on the expedition, includes CD with 8 maps, official reports, rosters plus a new every-name index. Important work on the Indian wars of the American Revolution.

$45.00 -buy it now!

Thank you in advance for supporting SRAC!

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