Monday, November 19, 2007

River, Rocks, and Time.

Why the Blog name "River, Rocks, and Time?"

Well - it is pretty hard to encompass all that I intend to cover I thought it pretty well covered a broad territory!

My name is Deb Twigg, and I am just a person who has found themselves in a place in their life that they never thought they would be...

I was happily living my life when I got "the bug." As I write this, I have to wonder how many of you reading it can relate to what I am trying to say...and if you can - can look back and say when exactly it was when you "got the bug" for whatever you found as your passion in life.

For me, it was trying to figure out our local prehistory, specifically concerning how it all related to a place we call Spanish Hill.(

I had bought a house right below Spanish Hill in South Waverly, and though I had known it's name forever, one day decided that I wanted to know more about it.

That's it.

5 years later, I am the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center of Native Indian Studies (SRAC) that already has thousands of local artifacts, author of two books and published in "Pennsylvania Archaeologist," as well as author of a website on the subject that gets thousands of visits per month.

But this blog will not be about me, it is about that passion, that now has a name - SRAC.

I wanted a place to share thoughts, announcements, events, discussion topics, debates, issues, and anything else that might come up concerning our local prehistory, archeology, and of course, SRAC itself. I also will have guest bloggers for this forum as well.

I hope you not only find this blog thought provoking but inspiring...

I'll let you be the judge from here...

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  1. Deb, I know exactly what you are talking about and it is a bug I welcome and enjoy every day. I live in Central Texas on family property owned for 80 years. The Tankawas once lived here and we have found proof in many areas covering 1000's of acres (including arrowheads, tools, work areas with large stone slabs, large upright stones, and many in the shape of arrows pointing east and northeast). My family is extremely passionate and respectful of what our property contains. It has been identified but we keep this a big secret locally due to possible vandalism. This bug allows me to educate others of what I have learned about my collection: it is one of my greatest joys in life. Thanks to people like you, I am always researching and learning. I believe this is very important in keeping the Native history alive. Again, thank you.